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Sinus Surgery (Endoscopic Sinus Surgery)

Sinus Surgery (Endoscopic Sinus Surgery)

Sinus Surgery (Endoscopic Sinus Surgery)

We aim to make patients smell better, improve nasal breathing, relieve the symptoms caused by sinusitis and get rid of sinus inflammation with endoscopic sinus surgery that we perform in the scope of sinusitis which becomes chronic and does not respond to traditional treatments.

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery performed by specialist surgeons can enable to increase the quality of life of the patients, while improving their health at the same time. This procedure, which eliminates complaints of chronic sinusitis, achieves a success in the range of 80% – 90% in patients who do not relieve chronic sinusitis complaints, although they receive drug therapy.

What is Sinusitis?

Before going into details about the new generation sinus surgery, I would like to give a brief information about sinusitis, namely sinus inflammation.

Sinusitis may acutely or chronically occur due to different reasons such as decreased body resistance, upper respiratory tract infections, septum deviation, nasal anatomical deformities, enlarged adenoids, nasal polyps and allergies, and is characterized by the obstruction of the ducts where the sinuses open into the nose. If sinusitis becomes chronic with different symptoms such as pain in the facial area, coughing, postnasal drip, nasal obstruction, eye pain, snoring, fever, fatigue and decreased sense of smell, it may lead to permanent lesions, loss of vision, encephalitis and lung infections. Therefore, sinusitis treatment should not be definitely postponed. Although acute sinusitis can be controlled with medical treatments, chronic sinusitis may resist medical treatment. In such a case, “Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery” is brought to the agenda for the treatment.

“There are 8 sinuses in total, 4 on each both sides. It is absolutely necessary to perform a preoperative paranasal CT and to evaluate whether there are different anatomical problems or variations for each patient. Depending on which sinus or sinuses are affected, only the affected sinuses can be attempted. Then, the procedure is called “Minimally Invasive Sinus Surgery”.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery for Chronic Sinusitis

Endoscopic sinus surgery performed with a thin, flexible endoscope device with a mini camera on the end removes bony structures, sinus mucoceles and nasal polyps that block the sinus ducts.

Thanks to the developing technology, sinus surgery may be performed with the endoscopic method. Since we use an endoscope with a camera on the end during the operation, we can simultaneously monitor the blockages in the sinus cavities. We observe that the quality of life of our patients who suffer from chronic sinusitis has significantly increased after functional endoscopic sinus surgery, which we performed very calmly and carefully.

Endoscopic sinus surgery, one of the procedures requiring experience, is performed under general anesthesia and takes an average of 1 hour. Since any incision is not made on the skin, there is no scar after endoscopic sinus surgery. Generally, patients can return home on the same day and experience a comfortable recovery process.

Update Date: 16.11.2021
Op. Dr. Hünkar Batıkhan
Op. Dr. Hünkar Batıkhan
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