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Non-Surgical Nasal Aesthetics

Non-Surgical Nasal Aesthetics

Non-Surgical Nasal Aesthetics

Radical structural changes do not need to be performed on the nose of all my patients who want to have a nasal aesthetics. Non-surgical nasal aesthetics may be a more suitable alternative for my patients who do not have nasal obstruction and want to correct minor aesthetic problems in their nose.

Since no surgical intervention is performed on the noses of the patients during non-surgical nasal aesthetics, the procedure inherently prevents possible complications that may occur in the post-operative period. The results can be observed immediately after the procedures that do not require anesthesia, which increases the benefits of non-surgical nasal aesthetics.

What is Non-Surgical Nasal Aesthetics?

As can be clearly understood from its name, non-surgical nasal aesthetics (i.e., “non-surgical rhinoplasty”) refer to the removal of deformities in the nose with botox and/or filler applications without surgical intervention. Although the procedure is simple, the experience of surgeons provides the most natural and eye-catching results. Before non-surgical nasal aesthetics, which should be specially planned for the patient, a facial analysis is carried out as in the process of nasal aesthetics surgery. Thus, patients can have a natural nose compatible with other organs on their faces. I can say the effect of non-surgical nasal aesthetics lasts between 6 months and 1 year, but it varies from person to person.

Who Can Have Non-Surgical Nasal Aesthetics?

The person should not have any obvious and serious deformities in her/his nose in order to perform non-surgical nasal aesthetics and obtain satisfactory results. If there is a problem that can be corrected with nasal aesthetic surgery and the patient continues to insist on non-surgical nasal aesthetics, satisfactory results cannot be obtained. Nevertheless, non-surgical nasal aesthetics can be considered as a logical alternative for people whose appearance may improve when small changes are made in their nose.

  • Although they do not have any problem in the general structure of their nose, those who suffer from a droopy nasal tip,
  • Those who need their nose contours corrected,
  • Those who do not like the profile image of their nose,
  • Those who have undergone nasal aesthetics and want to make small changes in their nose,
  • Those who aim to eliminate lack of volume in their nose and
  • Those who need the back of their nose corrected are considered eligible candidates for non-surgical nasal aesthetics.

I perform non-surgical nasal aesthetic procedures in my clinic. I can recommend non-surgical nasal aesthetics to my patients who have problems with the shape of their nose, do not want to undergo surgery and whose nose will have a natural appearance with minor interventions. Meanwhile, I can create a more holistic effect by applying filler and botox to the cheekbones, lower chin, lips and the corner of eyes; the effect of the procedure, which takes about 15 minutes, may last 1 year and it increases the satisfaction of my patients.

Update Date: 16.11.2021
Op. Dr. Hünkar Batıkhan
Op. Dr. Hünkar Batıkhan
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