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Nasal Tip Aesthetics (Tip Plasty)

Nasal Tip Aesthetics (Tip Plasty)

Nasal Tip Aesthetics (Tip Plasty)

Nasal tip aesthetics, also called “Tip Plasty”, is a type of nasal aesthetic surgery, which can be performed with an open or closed method, and is applied to people who are satisfied with the general shape of their nose but experience cosmetic problems related to their nasal tip. While the shape of the nose is intervened with a holistic approach during rhinoplasty, nasal tip aesthetics aims only to correct the nasal tip deformities.

What is Nasal Tip Aesthetics?

Although nasal tip aesthetics is mostly considered as nasal tip lifting surgery, many corrections can be made during this operation other than lifting the nasal tip. Tip plasty in which the nasal tip cartilages can be shaped and new cartilage tissues can be added to the nasal tip when necessary provides to;

  • Correct the nasal tip deformities,
  • Lift the nasal tip and increase breathing rate with the lifting of the nasal tip,
  • Structure the nostrils,
  • Narrow or widen the nasal tip,
  • Bring the angle between the nose and the lip to the ideal size.

Who Can Have Nasal Tip Aesthetics?

Considering what can be done about nasal tip aesthetics, the question “who can have nasal tip aesthetics?” can be answered as follows;

Nasal tip aesthetics is suitable for patients who need to have nasal tip rhinoplasty as a result of congenital anomaly, subsequent trauma or previous rhinoplasty. Patients must have completed nasal bone and cartilage development in order to perform nasal tip aesthetics. (after the age of 16 in women and 17 in men)

How is Nasal Tip Aesthetics Performed?

The face analysis of the patient should be performed prior to the nasal tip aesthetics. Nasal tip aesthetics should be planned as carefully as the rhinoplasty. Even if the nasal septum will not be interfered, the effect of the shape of the nasal tip on the general appearance of the nose should not be ignored.

In addition to the results of facial analysis, factors such as the expectations of the patients, evaluation of the skin structure, age and gender should also be taken into consideration during the planning process before the nasal tip aesthetics. Thus, nasal tip changes that will best suit the person can be made by obtaining results with maximum efficiency.

Nasal tip aesthetics is a procedure that takes approximately 30 – 60 minutes under local or general anesthesia. Tip plasty can be performed with open or closed technique as in all nasal aesthetic operations. The technique can be selected according to the needs of the patient, changes in the nasal tip, surgeons’ experiences and recommendations.

Surgical intervention may not be applied to all patients who need nasal tip aesthetics. It is possible to eliminate the nasal tip deformities with the filler and/or botox application to the nasal tip through non-invasive methods. Surgeons should perform a comprehensive assessment and the changes to be made in the nasal tip of the patient should be minimal in order to be able to decide on the non-surgical nasal tip aesthetics.

Healing Process After Nasal Tip Aesthetics

  • Those who have nasal tip surgery should avoid intensive exercise and activities that will increase blood pressure in the post-operative period.
  • After the nasal tip surgery, which interferes with the cartilages and soft tissues in the nose, the nose should be protected from the impacts with sensitivity.
  • Smoking should be avoided after nasal tip aesthetics. Chemicals in cigarettes cause the blood vessels to narrow, slow down blood flow and prolong the healing process of the nasal tip tissue.

Non-Surgical Nasal Tip Aesthetics

In cases where the nasal tip deformities do not require aesthetic surgery, botox or filler applications are performed on the nasal tip, thereby eliminating the cosmetic concerns of the patients. While the volumetric deficiencies of the nasal tip can be filled with filler application, the position of the nasal tip can be changed with botox application. Permanence of non-surgical nasal tip aesthetic results may vary from person to person; procedures usually should be repeated within 6 months to 1 year. The most important advantage of non-surgical nasal tip aesthetic procedures is that the appearance of patients on their noses can be changed without any operation.

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