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Piezo Rhinoplasty

Piezo Rhinoplasty

Piezo Rhinoplasty

Due to the position of the nose, it is one of the organs that most affect our facial expression. Aside from having a critical function such as breathing, the shape of the nose does not have “ideal” features and so, nasal aesthetic operations come to a head as the most applied aesthetic operations worldwide. Nevertheless, the idea that nasal aesthetic operations will be performed only for cosmetic purposes, apart from exceptional circumstances, does not reflect the truth. It is aimed to provide to breathe healthily and form a natural nose in all nasal aesthetic operations.

What is Piezo?

Nasal aesthetic operations in which the nasal bones are cut and rasped with tiny saws that produce ultrasonic vibrations and have the feature of tissue selection, are called “Piezo Rhinoplasty”.

Along with technological developments, the fact that people have more information about rhinoplasty also increase their demands for Piezo rhinoplasty. As a matter of fact, since all the techniques used in nasal aesthetic operations are determined according to the needs, nose and skin structures of the patients, the definitions such as “best”, “most successful” or “gold standard” do not reflect the truth for the techniques used in nasal aesthetic operations including Piezo surgery.

Piezo surgery can be preferred in both open and closed rhinoplasty. When approached from this point of view, it is possible to conclude that working tiny saw heads are only one of the surgical instruments used in nasal aesthetic operations.

What are the Advantages of Piezo Surgery?

Thanks to Piezo surgery, which is only sensitive to hard tissues such as bone, which ensures very successful results when applied in selected patients;

  • Since the vibration strength can be adjusted according to the bone density, the bones can be cut and shaped very precisely. Therefore, Piezo technique offers high safety and success in patients with thin bones.
  • The vessels, tissues, cartilages, nerves and muscles surrounding the bones are not interfered, so the comfort of the patients increases in the postoperative period.
  • It can be worked on the nasal septum more precisely, and the soft tissues are not damaged, so the healing process of the patients is shortened.
  • The area to be applied is opened so that surgeons can see the region more comfortably and it is possible to create a safe surgical area. Accordingly, complaints such as bruising and bleeding are minimized.
  • Both minimal and major structural changes can be made in the nose.

Who Can Have Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty?

Piezo surgery can be applied to patients who are not satisfied with their nose shape, have nasal obstruction in addition to their nose shape problems, and have appropriate general health status for surgery.

Regardless of the technique to be used in nasal aesthetic operations, bone development should be expected to be completed. We, surgeons, make the decision of Piezo surgery considering the nose structure, skin structure of the patients and the procedures to be performed during the operation. We also pay attention to the preferences of the patients in accordance with our experience.

“I have detailed interviews with all my patients who have contacted me with a request for rhinoplasty. In this process, I consider my patients’ expectations, demands and preferences. Since I am experienced in rhinoplasty performed with both open and closed technique, and specially in Piezo surgery, I can determine the most appropriate technique for my patients to achieve the best and comfortable results.

Need To Know About the Healing Process After Piezo Surgery

As I just mentioned, the sensitive saws used during Piezo surgery do not cut soft tissues. After the rhinoplasty performed with this tool, which starts to work only on hard tissues such as bone, the healing process of the patients is accelerated and the risk of edema and bruising decreases since soft tissue damage does not occur.

The healing process after Piezo surgery may vary from patient to patient. The healing process of the patients who have undergone a Piezo rhinoplasty may be affected by their age, skin thickness, the extent of the procedures performed during operation, and whether they follow the things to take into consideration in the postoperative process. If I have to make a general statement, I can express that the complaints such as swelling and bruising specific to the early period will disappear within 1 week and that you can return to daily life.

Although the healing process after Piezo Rhinoplasty may be more comfortable, the things to which patients should pay attention do not change. After ultrasonicrinoplasty, patients should try not to be exposed to impact, not to do intensive exercise during the healing process and avoid sun exposure as much as possible. In addition, it is also important for postoperative healing to make good dressing as recommended by doctors (using intranasal and extranasal creams, using sea – ocean waters),non-smoking, avoiding actions that increase intracranial pressure, such as lifting weight or blowing one’s nose.

Update Date: 16.11.2021
Op. Dr. Hünkar Batıkhan
Op. Dr. Hünkar Batıkhan
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